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Illinois Court ADR Sourcebook


Follow the links in the left-hand menu to find information about specific court ADR programs. Programs are listed by:

In Illinois, state trial and appellate courts have traditionally been given flexibility in whether and how to develop ADR programs. The Illinois Supreme Court provides authority and guidelines for the creation of such programs without dictating the exact form that these programs should take. ADR in the courts is generally voluntary, with the exception of the mediation of contested child custody and visitation issues, which is mandatory, with exceptions for specific impediments.

Federal courts have been given similar flexibility in the development of their ADR programs. In Illinois, this flexibility has led to voluntary programs that are either specific to a particular case type or are generalized to most civil cases.

Note: While RSI works to maintain comprehensive information, court ADR efforts are dynamic. Updates or suggestions of additional information on court ADR programs in Illinois are welcome. To provide information, contact RSI.