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Illinois ADR Links

The following selected links represent entities in Illinois that are concerned, at least in part, with court-related ADR. This list is not exhaustive.

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Updates or suggestions for additional links are welcome. To provide information, contact RSI.

Membership Organizations turn annotation off

  • Association for Conflict Resolution - Chicago Area Chapter (
    This site provides information on ADR activities and events in the Chicago area, as well as discussion on topics of importance to the ADR community.
  • Mediation Council of Illinois (
    MCI is a membership organization that provides mediator referral services. Its primary focus is on domestic relations mediation; however, some members have a broader range of experience and training.

Pro Bono Providers turn annotation off

  • Center for Conflict Resolution (
    CCR is the oldest community mediation organization in Illinois. It provides an array of mediation, training, consultation, and facilitation services in Cook County (Chicago).
  • Dispute Resolution Institute, Inc. (
    DRI is an association of professionals mediators in southern Illinois. They provide pro bono mediation services for child custody and small claims disputes in the 1st Judicial Circuit.
  • Kankakee Center for Conflict Resolution (
    The Kankakee Center for Conflict Resolution, part of the John R. Tate Advocacy Center, provides free mediation services for child custody and visitation disputes referred from the 21st Judicial Circuit. The Center also mediates disputes that are "too small for court," as well as police referrals.

Research Organizations turn annotation off

  • Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (
    In addition to general criminal justice information, the ICJIA web site now has a Restorative Justice Resource Center with links, publications, and information on training.
  • Resolution Systems Institute (
    RSI conducts research on court ADR, provides monitoring and evaluation services to the courts, and maintains this web site.