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MetroCourt Project Final Report: A Study of the Effects of Ethnicity and Gender in Mediated and Adjudicated Small Claim Cases

Hermann, Michele; LaFree, Gary; Rack, Christine; West, Mary Beth. January 1993

This report is a result of a study that examined how women and minorities fared in mediated and adjudicated small claims civil cases in Bernalillo County, NM. It evaluated results in mediation and adjudication using two measures: 1) the objective formula for outcome developed by Vidmar, and 2) subjective measures of satisfaction. The study found that minority claimants consistently received less money than non-minorities, while minority respondents consistently paid more. These results were more extreme in mediated cases than in adjudicated cases. Gender did not have an effect on monetary outcomes, except that female respondents paid less in mediated than in adjudicated cases. Minority claimants were more likely than non-minority claimants to express satisfaction with the mediation process. Minority women were the most satisfied with the process, despite the fact that they were more likely to receive less as claimants and pay more as respondents.

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University of New Mexico School of Law
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Scott H. Hughes