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Authority for court ADR derives from:

State office of court ADR:

No full-time state court ADR office.

Court ADR Processes Available:

  • Appellate
    • Settlement Conference
  • Civil
    • Arbitration
    • Mediation
    • Settlement Conference
    • Summary Jury Trial
  • Divorce-General
    • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Family
    • Early Neutral Evaluation
    • Settlement Conference
  • Small Claims
    • Mediation

Environment in which court ADR functions:

Funding sources that support court ADR:

  • party fees

Additional Information

The Minnesota State Court Administrator maintains a list of "qualified" neutrals who meet training requirements described in Minnesota General Rules of Practice for the District Courts Rule 114. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998
    U.S. House of Representatives Office of the Law Revision Counsel. United States Code, Oct. 30, 1998
    Abstract: This act authorizes each United States District Court to require litigants in all civil cases to consider the use of ADR process. It provides the framework by which each district court should promulga...
  • Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990
    U.S. Congress. Dec. 1, 1990; amended Dec. 9, 2001
    Abstract: With this statute, each United States district court is required to develop a civil justice expense and delay reduction plan. As part of this plan, the act authorizes district courts to refer appropri...
  • Minnesota Statute 484.76: Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
    Minnesota Legislature. Effective June 1, 1991; amended effective August 1, 2009
    Abstract: This statute instructs the Supreme Court to establish and implement rules for a statewide alternative dispute resolution program for civil cases filed with the courts. All civil disputes except those ...
  • Minnesota Statute 518.1751: Parenting time dispute resolution
    Minnesota Legislature. Enacted 1989; revised 2005
    Abstract: Except in cases where abuse is alleged or suspected, or where the parties cannot afford it, this statute allows the court to refer parenting time disputes to a parenting time expeditor for resolution....
  • Minnesota Statute 518.619: Custody or visitation; mediation services
    Minnesota Legislature. Enacted 1986; revised 2000
    Abstract: Except in cases where there is probably cause to suspect child or spousal abuse, this statute permits the court to refer any dispute concerning custody or parenting time rights to mediation. The statu...
  • Minnesota Statutes - Minnesota Civil Mediation Act
    Minnesota Statutes
    Abstract: The Civil Mediation Act defines mediation terms, sets out the effects of a mediated settlement agreement, explains the process for setting aside or reforming a mediated settlement agreement, enables c...

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